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The benefits of an online auction for Property Partner Agents

Receive a referral commission as a property partner agent

The online auction achieves several valuable solutions to a property that has not sold as hoped, maybe sitting idle for months, sometimes years. The agent gets a commission similar to a regular sale, except that the buyer pays their commission. Sellers often thank their agent for suggesting this sales path. In essence, this is a great option and method for agents to clear up inactive inventory, and the result is a happy seller, happy buyer, and happy agent. actively seeks out residential and commercial agents, lawyers, developers, and even bank staff to provide referral income for anyone who can introduce a committed seller who wants to sell. In essence, we bring sellers and buyers together, and they close the deal directly while you still benefit from the introduction.

We understand the value and time that all our partner agents have spent building their relationship with buyers and sellers. They quickly discover that is a convenient and trusted platform that allows partner agents to help their clients achieve their goal of buying or selling a property. Everyone wins.

As a registered agent of our website, we will track the activity of our partner agents, and in the future, we plan to rank them and award them based on three performance categories. You will receive the same commission you would get as with standard property sales in most cases.

Most agents and referring parties find that clients whose property has not sold in the normal process reach a point where they think they are stuck, run out of patience, or question the price the market will pay. Luckily, provides that exposure that will be closure to this sense of discomfort.

Benefits at a glance

As a property partner agent, the benefits for everyone are clear to see

Agent Benefits

Seller Benefits

Buyer Benefits

Register as a Property Partner Agent

Just a few minutes of your time is an incredible investment


Registration is straightforward with, simply use the form below and one of our team will be in contact with you directly to arrange a meeting to discuss how you can benefit from using our platform.

Property Valuation​

We also offer third-party independent property valuations, this is ideal for those buyers who seek finance as any borrowing is based from the results of the valuation. This saves time using mortgage valuations.

Pick An Auction Date

The live online auction is hosted on the first Wednesday of the month, starting at 10 am Thai time. However, a potential buyer can make an offer at any time from when your property is listed.


Once a successful bid is placed, and the buyer has met our obligations, the exchange is often quick as the seller prepares all legal documents, and it’s a matter of filling in the buyer details between their lawyers.

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Have you had a look at our Buyers Guide & FAQs or Sellers Guide & FAQs? We have added the most commonly asked questions there. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please send us a message.

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