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Thailand's first dedicated online auction for private owners.

We understand property sales should be quick, specific and clear. This idea inspires everything we do at auction.co.th 

Buying and selling property in Thailand is stressful. In a digital world where many other transactions are more efficient and streamlined, the property transaction process remains slow and inefficient.

Whether you are buying or selling, time is valuable. We think you should be able to buy and sell property on timescales that suit you.

auction.co.th is an online property auction marketplace that serves sellers; there are no commissions for the seller, meaning you can list the property below market value. Buyers attracted by the low reserve prices and can bid during the live auction. Alternatively, they can make an offer at any time while the property is listed.

You may be thinking this sounds too good. Did you know there are hundreds of property auction websites worldwide? And that professional buyers are often overseas when they purchase via the online portal.

We verify serious buyers by charging a refundable deposit of 100,000 Baht so they can bid or make an offer. If the auction meets or exceeds the reserve price, we invoice the buyer for the balance of the sales commission; that’s the buyers’ responsibility. Once paid, we put the seller and buyer in contact to execute the exchange.

Buyers and sellers can now reserve or exchange properties online using our modern auction technology. There is no undercutting, no games, and no pulling out of the deal; it makes buying and selling much more straightforward.

Some people think auctions are just for distressed or repossessed properties, not the case with online auctions. More regular property owners use this method because of the versatility of an online auction, and more buyers will access the online marketplace as everyone loves a good deal.

Our Story

An online auction provides a transparent platform that connects motivated sellers with buyers looking for properties at attractive prices.

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